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Vittoria Tyre Covers (Pair)

Vittoria Tyre Covers (Pair)

24.90 SGD
Sun rays and neon lamps (found in most garages) are the worst enemies when it comes to premature “aging”; UV rays are so harmful that protection is paramount. Tyres are the most susceptible to this, and since they're the only part of the bike that keeps you in contact with the ground, it's imperative that you protect them.

In order to prevent damage and premature aging, Vittoria have developed a special “UV shield” material that blocks 100% of harmful UV rays, thus protecting the tyre. Prefer to transport your bike in the car? The Tyre Covers are waterproof as well, meaning that your dirty/wet tyre won’t leave any marks on those expensive leather seats, the floor mats, or the headliner.

Hook and loop fastening makes installation and removal quick and easy. These tyre covers have been developed in cooperation with our Pro Teams, who know better than anyone the importance of proper tyre care and protection.

  • Anti-UV protection
  • Fits tyres up to 700c in size
  • Stretchable Hook and loop closures
  • Comes in a pair

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