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Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Silicone Gel Bar Tape

Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Silicone Gel Bar Tape

41.90 SGD

The Supacaz Super Sticky Kush is the high performance bike bar tape of choice for world champions and gold medallists. Fusing performance and style, Supacaz delivers the first grip tape worth dreaming about. Supacaz boldly claims that Super Sticky Kush is the best bicycle bar tape ever.

Super Sticky PU (top layer): Superior hand feel with long-lasting performance. Extremely tacky advanced polyurethane that remains tacky in wet conditions. Highly resistant to UV rays, climate, and sweat. Embossed with the sacred geometric Supacaz pattern that maximizes grip and tackiness.

Kush Foam (middle layer): An exclusive compound that maximizes the Kush feel from the thinnest amount of foam. Shock absorbing qualities that drastically improve bike handling in the corners, downhill, and in rough conditions.

Silicone Gel (Bottom Layer): Shockproof silicone gel to give your hands great comfort when riding.

Emboss: The tape is completed with the embossment of the beloved Supacaz pattern. The embossment creates the unique Supacaz look and increases the overall tackiness of the tape.

  • Model: Silicone Gel
  • 3mm (Thickness) × 2160mm (Length) x 30mm (Width)
  • Weigh 126g with end plugs
  • Tackiest hand feel
  • Most durable PU tape
  • Tacky in wet or dry conditions
  • Laser etched powder coated aluminium bar plugs
  • High end rubberized finishing tape
  • Packaging includes: 2 x roll of bar tape, 2 x bar end plugs & 2 x rubberized finish tapes